I think my interest in sports photography started when I received a subscription to Sports Illustrated from my Aunt and Uncle.  When I realized that I could never jump as high as Michael Jordan, run as fast as Michael Johnson, swim as fast as Michael Phelps or drive as fast as Michael Andretti, I decided to stop trying to be "Like Mike", and started trying to be "Like Blair"!

In the film days I toyed with the classic Nikkormat, but I managed to lose that in the bowels (the beer garden) of the Big O in Montreal.  I took a rest from the photography world for a time to pay a mortgage, help raise the kids and do a little coaching .

As our kids grew up I found time to watch them participate in a variety of athletics.  While I   found the sports fun to watch, I needed to find some way to participate ... and digital was developing so i gave it a shot!.

It started with an early version of a Canon, a G5 I think, then I went back to my roots with Nikon, and i've never looked back.

Sports continue to be my focus, I don't think there is a sport out there that I would not enjoy shooting !  I still love to capture the ultimate action shot, but I am finding more and more that I enjoy capturing portraits in the field of play.  More recently I've been pulled to shoot some wildlife, but i am concerned that it will impact my "street cred" so lets keep that to ourselves !




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